Day 153/365: Expansion

With these eclipses in tow, things are changing. And I feel it. Today, I had a pivotal moment with my wife where I recognized that I need to do better in areas of communication. But I also learned that I am in the process of getting better and using my voice constructively and advocating for... Continue Reading →

Day 152/365: Detached

Today it was hard to really pin down how I'm feeling. I feel like I am able to observe much my life but not feel like I am participating in it much. It's not that I feel numb, at least I don't think so, which is progress, but I feel detached from my life somehow.... Continue Reading →

Day 151/365: Dammed

I feel stuck. I've been in this place before, and I always eventually get un-stuck. But I get so annoyed at arriving here. Isn't there a point in your life where you just don't get stuck anymore? I feel like the answer is: Yes, when you're dead. Part of feeling stuck is a feeling of... Continue Reading →

Day 149/365: Silent

I have tons of stuff going on in my head, none of which I feel like talking about. Is that a cop-out on this exercise? Probably. Am I calling it an act of self-care? Somewhat. But it feels more like self-preservation. Will I judge myself harshly—or even at all? Nah. I'll just remain silent—at least... Continue Reading →

Day 148/365: Slow-Mo Mode

I am on a path that I know is meant for me, sort of. Allow me to explain. So, I feel like I'm headed in the right direction, but it may take me on a few twists and turns still. It feels good to know that I'm moving toward something that feels good and that... Continue Reading →

Day 147/365: Sympathetic

My wife has been unable to get good sleep for the past two nights because of reasons that I will not go into here. Because of her being unable to sleep, I too, lost sleep. Well, last night anyway. Today I awoke feeling terrible that she had suffered through such a long night. We tried... Continue Reading →

Day 146/365: (ISO) faith

So today I read my horoscope on Astrology Zone, which I like to do at the start of each month, and this one had me feeling hopeful. It foretold of 2 eclipses, which ordinarily don't seem like positive influences, but according to my chart it feels like the heavens are so on my side and... Continue Reading →

Day 145/365: Off

Ugh. So many things in my life feel off, particularly today. My sleep schedule is off. My eating schedule is off. My workout schedule is off. My work schedule is off. And as a result, I feel off. How did things get so off track? I mean I am a person who thrives on structure.... Continue Reading →

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