Day 310/365: Energized

Hmm ... despite it being 20 degrees F and ridiculous wind chill, I feel energized. I got up, got dressed, ran some errands and then came home and cranked like crazy on a story. Got the story done in record time because it was almost like the content was being downloaded to me. This never... Continue Reading →

Day 308/365: (more) Momentum

Today was a banner day for me and so many around me. My biz partner won the offer she put on a house in a location she's been dreaming of. Three participants in one of our six-month coaching programs have had incredible opportunities for growth that they're really maximizing and tapping into. And I got... Continue Reading →

Day 306/365: Cleanse(d)??? Day 1

I have not been feeling well since the holidays were over so I decided to do a two-day cleanse to see if it would help. This is a gentle cleanse, so-called white-pants approved. In other words, you won't have to stay close to a bathroom on this cleanse. I've never done one before and wanted to... Continue Reading →

Day 305/365: Vindicated

Several weeks back I went to the laudromat to get mega loads of laundry done in one fell swoop. And when I put my money into one of the washing machines, nothing happened. When I looked at the screen, it indicated that the washing machine was in the late stages of the spin cycle, so... Continue Reading →

Day 304/365: Giddy

Ha! I just began diving into Danielle Laporte's The Desire Map, and I feel giddy about my goals right about now. I love the way she redefines how to pursue them. She basically says start from the inside out. In other words, determine how you'd like to feel and then you can craft your goals... Continue Reading →

Day 303/365: Pressed

Though I am excited about what's on the horizon—and there are a lot of interesting things brewing—all of it has me feeling a bit rushed. Okay, more like pressed, but whatever. Like I'm just not moving fast enough. I know I can get it all done, I just want to be sure I'm not a... Continue Reading →

Day 302/365: (really) Good

Today was fantastic, and it had me feeling really good. Today just felt like everything was coming together. So many things that I was doing just came easy. I had to go get a drug screen since I'm starting a new gig with a healthcare organization and I walked in and out in like 15... Continue Reading →

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