Day 96/365: Encouraged

I had a terrible customer experience at a car dealership last month. I went to take my car in for service and long story short, I was not greeted when I came into the service bay. Like I was ignored for about 15 to 20 minutes. But eventually I just went in to the service... Continue Reading →

Day 95/365: Infinite

There's an odd thing happening in my life right now. I'm kind of reassessing where I fit in. Not like the high school or middle school kind of fitting in, where you're trying to figure out what group you belong to. It's more like trying to determine how you'd like to show up outside of... Continue Reading →

Day 94/365: Pensive

Today would have been my mom's 78th birthday. She passed two weeks to the day after her 72nd birthday, yet some days it still hurts like it was yesterday. Certain holidays were really hard when she first passed, like Thanksgiving, one of her favorites, Christmas, and Mother's Day was horrible. But as time goes on... Continue Reading →

Day 93/365: Becoming

Today I woke up awash in gratitude. I was thinking about all the events that led me to this point in time, and I felt grateful. Looking back on it now, it all makes sense why things worked out the way they did. And each movement, event, interaction played a key role in where I... Continue Reading →

Day 92/365: Forgiveness

I just finished watching The Shack, which I loved. And I had also read the book, which I also loved. And I won't spoil the ending, but there's a part in the movie/book about forgiveness that had me all in my feelings. I struggle with this word a bit. I understand that when you forgive,... Continue Reading →

Day 91/365: Grief

My mother's birthday is approaching and it's being reflected in my mood and how I'm feeling lately. Although it's been nearly 6 years since she passed, the grief is still so very heavy for me. The month of June tends to be especially hard for me because not only is it her birthday, but it's... Continue Reading →

Day 90/365: (Scheduled) Discomfort

In the movie Finding Joe, one of the speakers talked about making yourself uncomfortable every seven days. So once a week, you essentially need to get comfortable with getting uncomfortable. Ugh, how uncomfortable. Just the thought makes me uncomfortable. It's part of the hero's journey or gets you ready to be ready. It allows you... Continue Reading →

Day 89/365: Incubation

Today, and over the past several months I've been feeling isolated. I'm working on a huge project that is very different from what I've done in the past and it feels good, but my circle (outside of my partner) would not understand or know how to be supportive in the way that I need them... Continue Reading →

Day 88/365: Caged

I would just like to be free. To feel free. To move about the world and not give a damn what anyone thinks, doing what I love, making the world a better place, serving with grace and humility. Just free. But my thoughts keep me bound. And the thoughts are a false narrative. They're made up... Continue Reading →

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