Day 365/365: thawed

In the depth of winter, I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.
–Albert Camus

My first post started with a reference to a KD Lang song, so it’s fitting that I end with a quote that references the title of one of her albums. I love it when #ItAllComesFullCircle

When I set out to do this blog, I had spent years not feeling. I was walking around numb, going through the motions, thinking my way through things, thinking my way through my life. The mind keeps you safe, which is useful in dangerous situations. I am fortunate enough to not have to live my life in constant peril, but the way I was living, you would have believed that to be the case.

I can now honestly say I used to live that way. Now, my life feels different. I feel different. I had to dig deep this past year and really learn how to reconnect with my body and soul. And I learned a few things in the process:

  1. Connecting to your feelings and emotions doesn’t happen overnight like I kinda thought it would.
  2. It’s a practice, and takes constant practice.
  3. It’s not as scary as I thought it would be. Ha!
  4. It’s not actually a destination, just a part of becoming who you are.

I am incredibly grateful for this journey. It felt arduous at first, like work, probably because I was so resistant to it when I began the undertaking. But as I leaned in more and more each day, and the numbness was replaced by a wellspring of emotions, I finally felt the thaw begin, and now I feel thawed out and really ready to dive into the next phase/chapter of my life.

Tomorrow is my birthday and I have learned a great deal this past year. As I enter this next trip around the sun, I begin it with new feelings and plenty of big plans. I’m also tinkering around with the next big project to help with the continuation of my unfolding as I’d like to go deeper with this practice and really continue to connect with my authenticity. And as I connect with mine, I would like to help others really deepen theirs as well.

It’s been both pain and pleasure doing this, but in the end so incredibly worth it. Thank you for joining me on the journey. And perhaps we’ll meet again in another leg during another trip around the sun.

Speaking of the sun, excuse me while I go soak up some of those wonderful rays, add my own shine and brilliance to it and feel my way into the next version of me.

With love and deep gratitude,




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