Day 360/365: full of desire

I finally sat down to dive in deeper to The Desire Map. And I got to the part where I identified my core desired feelings–how I want to feel. And when I tap into that, I can use that to work toward my goals with more clarity.

So I distilled/boiled down a crap ton of words into these 3:

  • Healthy
  • Inspired
  • Fearless

If I can infuse these desires into my daily life, and work in such a way that I’m creating these feelings regularly than I feel like I’ll feel differently and move differently in the world.

It feels less arduous to have these in my back pocket as reference points. And I feel like I can get clear on what things I desire to participate and contribute to.

I also have the luxury of changing these desires up based on, you guessed it, how I’m feeling.

I still have a bit more do to finish the book, but I’m almost there–in more ways than one.


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