Day 358/365: fragmented

Even though I’ve been using my Productivity Planner and staying on task, there are A LOT of tasks and I feel fragmented and all over the place. I feel like too many things are competing for my attention and none of it particularly interests me. And the more pieces that enter the puzzle, the more fragmented I feel.

I am very good at compartmentalizing, which can be helpful, but currently it feels like each piece is just competing with another and all I can see is a mess. Plus, I feel like I can’t really focus on just one thing at a time. Like I’m just jumping back and forth between tasks/pieces/projects—even when I’m in the middle of one. And it’s getting kind of exhausting.

Tomorrow morning I will make time to do some yoga, which may help bring me back into focus. Perhaps that and some Keto Coffee.

I’m feel too fragmented to even gather my thoughts for this blog.

So, good night.


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