Day 355/365: abuzz

Phew! What a day, what a day! The greater part of the day was spent making arrangements to get some new healing training under my belt. Lots of moving parts with travel arrangements, but a new adventure awaits. And now that all the planning has been done, I can sit back for a spell and let the excitement continue to build.

Our group coaching call went well tonight and one participant had a major breakthrough that brought tears to both mine and my business partner’s eyes. It was amazing to watch her go from a look of desperation and sadness last week to energetic and looking so alive. It gives me chills just thinking about how transformative this work is and how transformative this container that we’ve created is.

Then my brother reached out to say he wanted to order some wellness products from me along with one of his friends. Whoa! I was shocked. He’s been exhausted lately and I work with and distribute a lot of all-natural nutrition products that can help and have already helped based on the response he had from the samples. So that was a win-win too!

Events of the day left me feeling abuzz. Abuzz with possibility, abuzz with anticipation, abuzz with the next phase of my (r)evolution.


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