Day 351/365: thoughtful

So today is 351 of 365 days. That means I have only two weeks left until my mission is complete. I’m feeling thoughtful and reflective about this experience today. I’m not sure how I thought I’d feel at this point or even at the end point, but I definitely feel changed and that I’ve grown.

At the time I started writing, looking forward, I felt like so many things would be a lot more clearer by now. But I’m learning that as you grow older, what you thought you knew is really next to nothing. Your awareness about things does definitely increase, which helps somewhat, but it doesn’t get you any closer, really, to answers. In fact, at times it feels like it only leads to more questions. And I have already spent wayyy too much time questioning things. And questioning myself.

The experience has been cathartic in many ways though. And as I look forward to the next two weeks, I am looking forward to new things springing up for me. I’m grateful that this has been a launching pad of sorts into my personal revolution, and the next evolution of me.


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