Day 350/365: joyful

My plate is really full so I won’t write a long post; a short one will have to do. I have a lot to do, but I don’t feel swamped or stressed. And in the midst of all that I had to do, I took time out to see my nephew in a talent show. I didn’t expect much. It’s a group of fifth-graders, but I was super impressed that these kids were brave enough to stand in front of an audience and just be themselves. They shared a little bit of themselves with each of us and it made me feel joyful.

I had tears in my eyes when a young girl sang a song with a beautiful voice that reminded me of Lorde’s. I laughed out loud when two young ladies re-created a synchronized swimming routine behind a “water wall.” It was brilliant. I cheered early and often and clapped loudly for practically every act up there, the magician’s trick that didn’t go as planned; the uncoordinated, gangly dances; the terrible acrobatics; the amazing hula hooper, because it all took real guts and courage to get up on that stage and share themselves.

It was a stage full of potential and possibility and I loved every minute of it. It reminded me that I too am full of potential and possibility. And I don’t have to regret not doing this at 10 or 11 years old, but I can celebrate doing something like this at my age—at any age. We’re never too old to just reach out and grab what we want, do what we want, feel how we want. What a wonderful reminder.


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