Day 343/365: adored

I was looking forward to spending some time together with the love of my life tonight, and I was a bit crunchy when I learned that what we had planned was about to be derailed. We had nothing special planned, just some alone time.

But after I got over being cranky, I recognized that this day is not just about spending the day with the one you love, it’s about spending the day with the ones you love and who love you. So tonight we spent the evening with my wife’s sister and her husband and their three boys. And we had a blast!

We ate a terrible fish fry dinner together at a janky banquet hall to benefit the community baseball team for two of our nephews. Then we came back to our house, played games with the boys and laughed before they all headed off to basketball practice for their oldest.

And those sweethearts actually brought us the sweetest gifts of a heart pillow with two velcro halves that say Be Mine along with a super soft, cozy blanket. It was adorable. And we loved it. And felt super loved.

We recognized that we hadn’t planned on getting them a Valentine’s Day treat so after they left, we quickly went to their favorite local sweet treat shop and got each of the boys gift cards so they could buy themselves something fun. Then we headed to basketball practice to hand deliver the cards and proceeded to run around the gym with the 5-year-old. So much fun.

Although the evening was not what I had planned, it was sooo much better. Spending time with the ones you love, who love you the hardest was the best Valentine’s Day gift ever. I could not have designed a better day nor asked for a better day. I am incredibly grateful for all the love that surrounds me and the ones who make time to share it with me.



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