Day 338/365: impassioned

I feel like I need to start or begin work on a passion project. Over the past day or so, it’s been snowing pretty heavily here so me and bae decided to catch up on some Netflix.

We’ve been watching Master of None and catching up on Orange Is The New Black, but last night we decided to start something new.

I had heard about Black Mirror and that many thought it was good. So we dove into the first season.

Wow. I was not prepared for that first episode. There was absolutely zero chill and zero humanity. I didn’t know what to expect, but it certainly wasn’t that.

So after that episode, we thought, “Well, maybe it takes a minute to get into it and not be thoroughly disgusted with the perverseness of people” so then we decided to watch the second episode of the season. It did not get any better.

So we went to bed and I was utterly disturbed. I kept thinking, “We have to be better than this.”

And so to restore my faith in humanity, we felt like maybe Master of None might help us feel redeemed. The Thanksgiving episode was epic and that definitely did help. But then we went back to OITNB. Bad idea. It was the episode about Poussey’s life before prison. Aaaand we were launched right back into depravity.

But it got me thinking that I need to gather a group of my brilliant friends together and work on an idea that can help better/improve us as people. Now I know that’s a really tall order, but I feel like it’s something I need to do. In fact I feel impassioned about it. And that with the right team of people, we can really make a difference.

I’ll start brainstorming on my own, but I’d like it to serve minority women in some way. Something that really helps them feel visible and like they have a voice. Because we need to feel seen and we do have a voice.

I feel something is brewing around this and given enough time, it can become a movement.

Yep, that’s a bold statement, but I did say this is the year of revolution. Of my revolution. Of our revolution.


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