Day 337/365: (em)bodied

Today YouTuber/Storyteller/Unicorn Ari Fitz launched her Dear Body Project. And wow. What a project. On its first day out of the gate, I feel like this is a movement. The goal is to engender some self-love, which often seems to be in short supply and to celebrate what God gave you. It’s done through videos of people sharing their letters to their bodies—how their bodies have treated them and how others have treated them because of their bodies and all kinds of things in between. It is both necessary and revolutionary.

I used to often say that people would treat their bodies better if they only could see inside them and see how they work. They, or rather we, would not do some of the shitty things we do to them.

And despite this terrible treatment, they support us in ways we often take for granted. And when we take it too for granted, then it sounds an alarm. This project means a lot to me because I, like many women, struggle with my body. Still. At this age.

Now I’m better than I used to be. By a long shot. But I still have work to do. Like a ton. That’s why I feel so inspired by this project. It’s long overdue. We are painted into these tiny, little perfect boxes that are impossible for any human to fit into. And honestly, who would want to? We are so much more than boxes. Boxes have edges and contain things. Though we may have edges, that does not mean we are limited. And we are definitely not meant to be contained. We are meant to be set free, to be exactly who we are meant to be.

So I encourage everyone to check this project out, and consider making your own video to become part of the project. Your story is like no one else’s and yet when you watch these videos, you still see yourself in a bit of everyone.

After some careful thought, I’m inclined to do one myself. Perhaps I’ll post it when I do.


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