Day 335/365: on track

Well, today was sooo much better. I broke out my trusty Productivity Planner and got to work on getting back on schedule. So today I feel like I’m back on track and definitely not so overwhelmed.

I forget how much structure really plays an important part of my life. And, to be honest, sometimes it plays far too big a role and has taken over. So much so that I don’t have fun. But today was a great balance. I set my to do list. Set a Pomodoro timer and got to work. And because I was able to structure my work time, I was able to relax at a reasonable hour and feel fully accomplished. It felt great. Plus, my love and I went out on a little dinner date. It was the perfect end to a productive day.

Planning like this almost feels addictive. But I feel like what you’re really addicted to is that feeling of accomplishment you achieve after you’ve successfully completed the goals you set for yourself today. Did I meet all the goals for today? No, but I still feel great about the ones I did.

Long live structure—and balance!


P.S. The quote for today in the Planner: A mind that is stretched by new experiences can never go back to its old dimensions. ~Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr.

Amen to that!

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