Day 332/365: Black & Proud

We are four days into Black History Month and it feels really good to be Black, and I mean Blackity Black. This feeling used to feel optional, but nowadays, I feel like it’s a requirement. Because it’s essential for your survival. And the more you seek out ways to feel pride in who you are as a Black human in this world, the more armored you become to live in this world. This has been a struggle for me. And I suppose for many Black people. But it feels like things are beginning to shift.

No, I am not naive. I’m not talking great strides have been made. I’m just recognizing more Black pride, almost like it’s a renaissance (and a long overdue one at that) and more people are waking up to the fact that Black people are not the horrible monolith that society created in order to keep us divided, feeling defeated and powerless.

We are stepping (back) into the beautiful sunlight and reclaiming our pride—and our power. And it feels wonderful. There’s so much rich history in my people. They have literally built this nation and its economy on their backs. My ancestors worked in fields, built railroads and roadways, and dare I say, even the White House, only to be sold on auction blocks, hung from trees and oppressed physically and systemically at every turn. But we are The harder you try to destroy us, the more we prevail. With each attempt to annihilate us, we spring forth with resiliency, strength and astounding joy. We are unstoppable and built for survival.

In the immortal words of the late, incredible Maya Angelou, “And still we rise …”

And as Issa Rae said, “I’m rootin’ for everybody Black.”



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