Day 357/365: Divinely Feminine, pt. 2

I felt genuinely bad about myself today. I got up later than I wanted to so I felt like I had wasted the day. And it was hair wash day, which is such a time suck. But I intentionally planned to just leisurely do my hair today and very little else as I was planning... Continue Reading →

Day 356/365: triggered

So many times throughout the day today I felt triggered. And when I feel triggered, I usually play small (Read: passive-aggressive) or I become incredibly defensive. Neither is a productive use of my voice. But today I used my voice much more productively than I have in the past. My partner was off of work... Continue Reading →

Day 355/365: abuzz

Phew! What a day, what a day! The greater part of the day was spent making arrangements to get some new healing training under my belt. Lots of moving parts with travel arrangements, but a new adventure awaits. And now that all the planning has been done, I can sit back for a spell and... Continue Reading →

Day 353-354/365: trusting

I was not feeling it yesterday so I didn't blog. But today, I'm feeling a bit more trusting and aligned with the flow of things so I can articulate how I'm feeling. I felt like I needed to take a bath yesterday and so I did. I added in epsom salt and lavender and just... Continue Reading →

Day 352/365: yielding

So I did it. I reached out to a contact about speaking on a topic I feel very passionate about. When I reached out to her about it, she responded in very short order that she was totally on board with it. It was so lovely to have someone match my excitement around this. And... Continue Reading →

Day 351/365: thoughtful

So today is 351 of 365 days. That means I have only two weeks left until my mission is complete. I'm feeling thoughtful and reflective about this experience today. I'm not sure how I thought I'd feel at this point or even at the end point, but I definitely feel changed and that I've grown.... Continue Reading →

Day 348-349/365: distrustful

I have a deck of Oracle cards called The Enchanted Map by Colette Baron-Reid. I haven't used them that much in the past, but I recently pulled them out to start using them regularly. I need some guidance. Over the past couple of days I've been trying to figure out how to step into my... Continue Reading →

Day 347/365: liminal

I'm feeling a mix of powerful emotions right now. So it has me feeling like I'm in this huge liminal space. I was given some information today that both excited me and terrified me. I was essentially told that it was time to step into my gifts. And to do that I have to 1.... Continue Reading →

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