Day 319/365: Humbled

I had two terribly tough conversations today. One with my business partner and one with my wife.

They both basically centered around the same thing: me showing up.

I’m too tired to type out the details, but suffice it to say that I have become a professional runner. I run away from things. And sometimes those things are good for me to move away from, but sometimes it’s just straight self-sabotage.

I apparently am afraid of my own success. And when I come close to it, I hightail it in the other direction.

This brought me to my knees, and humbled me like never before. Because I know it’s true, and though it’s not conscious at the time, I can definitely recognize that that is what I’m doing.

So I am open to embracing my own greatness. And I won’t have any expectations about what that looks like. I’ll just hold on to the idea that it’s inevitable. And dwell in that.


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