Day 316/365: Helpful

I genuinely like to help people. It’s such a wonderful feeling. And today, I felt, well, helpful. For Christmas, the family bought my mother-in-law a laptop complete with wireless mouse and external hard drive. It came with Google Home for free so we threw that in, and then she wanted a case for it, which I found, along with a laptop stand, which I also found. She also needed a new router/modem, which I ordered.

When all the pieces/parts finally came in, I took it all over to her house and started with the router and worked my way all the way to the laptop stand. I forget how much I actually enjoy technology. It was fun getting her all set up—even though her external drive would not play nice with her Chromebook. And once I gave her a brief tour, she said she’d need another “lesson” later on. I’m like tech support for the family, but I would shrivel up and die if I had to do it for a living.

Then I had a ton of emails to respond to and I found myself supplying information. Someone wanted a recipe, a couple others wanted a suggestion for a freelancer, and yet another needed my input on some documents.

It feels gratifying to be able to offer assistance. Not that it’s necessary to feel needed, but it does feel like you’re here for a reason. And I kind of like that feeling.


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