Day 315/365: Expansive

Wow! What a day! I met with the woman my healer friend talked to about me and my medical intuitive services and it went really well. Her concept to create this healthy, conscious community is really amazing. She and her partner have a crap ton of great ideas and I’m not even sure yet where I fit in, but it feels like a place where I can definitely see myself working to bring my services to a broader reach of people.

I felt expansive today. Like what I really have a passion for and how I’d like to serve can actually be done in a big way. Not in a “I’ll be famous” kind of way. In a “Wow, this could reach a ton of people and really help them” way. What an amazing feeling to connect with like-minded people you can really talk to things your passion about. It felt like my spirit was expanding along with the work.

I cannot wait to see how this unfolds. It’s gonna be great. I can just tell. And I don’t know how it will all unfold, and even that’s cool too, which is such a shift for me. And I LOVE it. I do know it will be soo much better than I could have ever imagined.



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