Day 310/365: Energized

Hmm … despite it being 20 degrees F and ridiculous wind chill, I feel energized. I got up, got dressed, ran some errands and then came home and cranked like crazy on a story. Got the story done in record time because it was almost like the content was being downloaded to me. This never happens. Like ever. And it was great.

I was ready to see Proud Mary in the theaters tonight, and I’m totally willing, and so is my wife, but I thought I’d spare her the bitter cold. And the movie didn’t get great reviews, not that that would change my mind. I also would like to see The Post because Katherine Graham and what she did for the paper is iconic and legendary. Plus I love Meryl Streep. I just want to support as many women as I can. But I suppose it will have to happen another night.

Regardless, I still feel so ready to tackle anything right now. I think I’ll dive into The Desire Map and continue feeling into what how I’d ideally like to feel throughout this year and then work on refining my goals from there. I so love the energy of this year already.

Bring it, 2018!


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