Day 307/365: Cleanse(d) Day 2

Today’s cleanse went better. I didn’t feel bloated, and I had a ton of energy and did way better with the drinking of water. As of this writing, I am working on my 6th glass of water and I may make it to the 7th, but I’m proud I ramped up to 6 today.

The eating healthy part was easy. I generally do this anyway so that was helpful. But I did notice I felt a bit hungrier more often. So I snacked on things like fruit and healthy protein bars, which definitely helped.

As a result of the cleanse, I’m noticing my skin changing as well. It’s not clearing up, but getting much worse with breakouts. Even though I know this can happen, it’s called a Herxheimer reaction, aka a healing crisis, I wasn’t expecting it to happen to me. The toxins are rising to the surface, which is good, but terrible for being in the general public.

All in all, I’m glad I did the cleanse. It was painless and the cleanse drink was pretty tasty and easy to get down. I’ll definitely continue ramping up with my water as that may help with the skin clearing as well. I’ll probably do this again in a month or so and work to maintain between cleanses.

So yep, at this point, I am definitely feeling cleansed. I can’t wait to see what else may bubble to surface in the days ahead. I feel like that’s allowing me to clear space in my body for other new things to come about.



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