Day 304/365: Giddy

Ha! I just began diving into Danielle Laporte’s The Desire Map, and I feel giddy about my goals right about now. I love the way she redefines how to pursue them. She basically says start from the inside out. In other words, determine how you’d like to feel and then you can craft your goals and more than likely enjoy yourself along the way far more than when you just strive for an outcome. The alternative? Looking at external things and outcomes to make you feel fulfilled and like you’re achieving goals.

This resonated with me because I feel like I’ve been in the pursuit of something, but I can’t quite nail it down. Apparently, I’ve been in search of a feeling—or feelings—and my goals haven’t necessarily aligned with those. And for me, to start with the feeling, is revolutionary.

Laporte also points out the difference between feelings and emotions. I kind of knew this already without realizing it, but the distinction is subtle. A feeling is a sensory experience that is conveyed through your body (this is my explanation per her ideas), while emotions are feelings with a mental aspect to it. It’s nuanced, but critical all the same.

She also says that once you get clear, and I mean really clear about the type of feelings you desire, then you may surprise yourself at how your goals change.

I’m not so sure I would have been receptive to this book a year ago because I don’t know that I knew how I wanted to feel, or at least consciously—and I couldn’t even feel when I first started this project. So here I am now, recognizing that feeling isn’t so bad after all, and I have the audacity to go on a journey to explore how I’d like to feel. I love it. Talk about a revolution.

I feel like this will really blow the lid off of my goal setting—and achieving—and really help me drastically change me and my life—from the inside out.


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