Day 303/365: Pressed

Though I am excited about what’s on the horizon—and there are a lot of interesting things brewing—all of it has me feeling a bit rushed. Okay, more like pressed, but whatever. Like I’m just not moving fast enough. I know I can get it all done, I just want to be sure I’m not a shell of person after I’m done trying. And I’m not looking to get run over either.

Part of my revolution-themed year really and truly has to be about balance. And, to be honest, I’m doing a better job of it, but I still feel overwhelmed. Balance apparently takes practice, which no one ever tells you. And for me learning how to get the hang of it really is a revolutionary act.

And I’m not in a race really. Well, not against anyone else but myself. And even then, it’s not necessary to kill myself to accomplish the things I need and would like to get done. Perhaps part of feeling rushed has to do with being anxious to get to the next phase. But you won’t make it there until you’re ready. And by the time you arrive, you’re worried about the next phase, and the one you’ve been killing yourself to get to is almost forgotten.

I’m just going to have to consciously tell myself to really take my time and work at my own steady pace. In fact, just feeling like I can make the pace manageable already has me feeling just a little bit better. And I need to remember to take some time to stop every once in a while and just simply smell the roses.



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