Day 301/365: Revolution(ary)

I wrote down my goals and created this elaborate spreadsheet so I could track what goals I’m trying to accomplish and create action plans for each. But I feel like something is missing. Like I need an overarching theme to sort of tie all the goals together. I like structure and when things work in lockstep. So I’ve been thinking about one word that would sum up what I’m setting out to achieve this year.

My business partner last year chose community and she really did a great job of cultivating community. This year her word was expansion, which might explain why she was fighting so hard to get me to include this “super, super gay” guy into our all-female online intensive. But that’s her. And I digress. But I still haven’t really landed on a theme just yet. Hang on, let me survey my goal sheet once again. Perhaps that will help.

Okay, so the words that jump out are growth and innovation. When I look up innovation on, (Yes, I went there.), I found a list of words that I love:

  • transformation
  • metamorphosis
  • metanoia
  • revolution

All of these words are the theme for this year and are all about something made new. However, metanoia is the theme of my life. It means a transformative change of heart. And the Greek etymology is the one that resonates with me the most: to change one’s mind. I love this. And this will be the tattoo that I get at some point this year. And again, I digress.

But in terms of just this year, I love revolution. I would like to experience a life revolution. I would like to really blow things up this year, and change—drastically—how I do things, how I experience the world, how I show up, and of course, how I feel. What I also love about revolution is that in the midst of the word, spelled backward is l-o-v-e. It doesn’t really get much better than that.

Just putting a theme to it seems almost like a revolutionary act in itself—at least for me, anyway. It feels bold and like it’s rife with potential. And it has me feeling sort of revolutionary or at least greatly anticipating what this revolution will bring.




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