Day 329/365: Super Blue (moon)

This moon has me all up in my feelings. I'm living somewhere in the liminal space between being on the cusp of having it all and having it all with a healthy dose of fear around having it all in the middle. There's some issues of deservedness I have to get beyond. Tonight in our... Continue Reading →

Day 328/365: Liberated

I'm feeling inclined to call my bestie who I haven't spoken to in about a year. Today, I recognized, I mean really recognized that my introvert, go-it-alone style can be hurtful to many people that I love. I was taught to be very independent at a young age, and it's entirely possible that I lived some sort... Continue Reading →

Day 327/365: (deeply) Flawed

Yup. I know we all have flaws and perfection is impossible to achieve, but today I felt deeply and impossibly flawed. Things took longer than they needed to, I didn't get a start on the day like I wanted to, things interrupted my schedule that I did not plan for, I didn't work out and... Continue Reading →

Day 326/365: doubtful

I did something I am not proud of. In fact, it's so terrible, I can't even write about it. I mean no one died or got hurt, and it ended up working out anyway, but it was not my best moment. The worst part though, was that I doubted my gut. I teach students in... Continue Reading →

Day 325/365: Unsettled

For the past couple of weeks my stomach–and I, myself–feel unsettled. It feels like part nervous excitement and part anxiety. I have been anxiously awaiting something to happen in my life–something big, complete with an ah-HA! attached to it so I would know that this was the pivotal moment when my life would be forever... Continue Reading →

Day 323/365: inadequate

Even though I know I am by no means inadequate, I feel very inadequate today. So in an effort to take on more of the work load, I sent out some emails to our students. All fine and good, but when my biz partner asked me to send out an additional email, or what I thought was... Continue Reading →

321-322/365: Ignited

After the training course, I came home with a long to-do list, and I was ready to jump in and tackle it today. However, last night I was beat. I came home, unpacked part of one suitcase, called it quits and just went to bed. I slept in and then got up and went to... Continue Reading →

Day 320/365: Rejuvenated

Our first medical intuitive training class met today and it was great. So great in fact, that I actually felt rejuvenated. This group of medical intuitives-in-training is seriously awesome. I feel so lucky to be working with such a gifted group. They will do an amazing job at this amazing work. It's so fulfilling to... Continue Reading →

Day 319/365: Humbled

I had two terribly tough conversations today. One with my business partner and one with my wife. They both basically centered around the same thing: me showing up. I'm too tired to type out the details, but suffice it to say that I have become a professional runner. I run away from things. And sometimes... Continue Reading →

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