Day 289/365: Santa Claused

This whole Santa thing has a few kids in the family out of sorts. One parent in the family forced the truth down his 14-year-old son’s throat, and after crying himself to sleep, he awoke the next day and was fine—or so he said. While the 9- and 10-year-olds in the family peppered their mom with questions, poking holes in her explanations left and right until she answered so much right, they still believe—for now. But this belief thing is hanging on by a thread.

My wife, in her wisdom, thought perhaps the idea of Santa Claus could be conveyed as not being embodied by a miracle worker as much as it is embodied by each and every one of us when we share in the spirit of Christmas. I thought that was genius and a much easier transition than the cold hard truth.

I was also heartened to hear that the 9-year-old asked for two things on his Christmas list. 1. a cell phone, which was a total joke because he knows his parents won’t allow him to get it and will convey that to Santa and 2. Simply, peace on earth. Now, what aisle do you find that in?

Even thought the cell phone seems far easier to pull off. We have an idea on how to execute No. 2. My idea was to write a letter to him from Santa and let him know that peace on earth begins with all of us showing kindness and compassion toward one another. My wife’s ideas was to round up as many friends as we can all over the globe and ask them to write to the 9-year-old about how they were perpetuating peace, which would also help cement the idea that Santa is real. I mean how else would these people know of the 9-year-old’s wish?

We’ll see how that one turns out. Hopefully, we can get enough engagement through the year to let him see it working. But I feel like just by simply asking for such a request may be his way of speaking it into existence, once and for all.

Now that’s what I call Christmas spirit.


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