Day 288/365: Fantastic

I feel fan-fuckin-tastic! Today was a banner day. For one, a past client reached out to me about a new job she’s about to take in early January. So she emails me to ask when we can talk. We talked today and she essentially said that she’s taking on a new role at a super cool company and she’d like to work with me, probably in a consulting capacity, to make some improvements going forward. I told her that it sounds perfect and to count me in and keep me posted. She says once she gets in and gets more of a lay of the land, then she wants to bring me in. She’s cool, the company seems cool and the opportunity would be great.

Next, my brother calls me to tell me he has zero ideas for Christmas and he needs my help. So I essentially help him find everything from a parking space at the mall to gift ideas for our family. The best part was that we were laughing the whole time and just having a blast, like old times, but even better. It felt great.

Lastly, I have had this story hanging over my head for weeks. And I just needed to dig my heels in to get the damn thing done. Well, I sat down and plowed through it for four hours and got it done. Woo hoo! It felt amazing to have that weight lifted off my shoulders.

Now I feel like I can begin enjoying my holiday. And it honestly feels fantastic.


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