Day 286/365: Generous

So I got over myself and dove right in today. I got a lot accomplished and though I still feel a bit blah about the holidays, I at least feel like I made some headway. I mailed out my card to the students at the REAL school, wrote some other holiday cards, bought some other gifts, and even washed my hair, which is an event.

Usually I listen to The Moth podcast while doing my hair, but I was reminded last Thursday of a podcast I had heard one episode of on SoundCloud that is available on iTunes. Or at least the first season anyway. It’s called Issa Rae presents … FRUIT. It’s based on true events but all names and locations have been changed.

It’s the story of a pro football player who falls in love with another man and then has to figure out how to navigate this new experience within the hypermasculine NFL world. It’s such a great story. The main character is interesting and the story lines are believable and gripping—obviously if it’s based on real life. The episodes are relatively short—the longest one is a little over 20 minutes—and the time just flies by as you’re listening.

It’s a great listen. Just be warned that there is very adult subject matter so it’s more suitable for mature audiences. This is my gift to you because I’m feeling generous. [Insert LOL emoji here.] Most everyone loves a good story. And this is definitely a good one. If you don’t like it; don’t listen. If you do, be sure to support with positive reviews so more people can find it.

You’re welcome.



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