Day 282/365: Pained

So my eyes have been burning a lot lately. I can get plenty of sleep and when I wake up they’re burning. And if I lay there while looking at my phone turned to one side or another, my eyes begin to tear.

I remember my paternal grandfather used to have eyes that would constantly tear up. My dad later told me that my granddad had what’s called dry eye, which makes no sense because his always were always wet or tearing. But apparently with this condition, the excess tears are trying to lubricate an otherwise dry eyeball and they’re not the salty kind of normal tears but another brand entirely.

So after some research, I discovered I am probably suffering from the very same thing. I live in a place heated by gas-forced air so it’s super dry indoors during the winter and I stare at a computer screen all day with very little blink time. The result? My eyes are so bloodshot and irritated that I look live I’ve been in a hot box for days smoking pot.

I bought lubricating eye drops in hopes that it might relieve the burning sensation and put some in tonight. Well, at the start, I got some relief, but as I sit here typing with air blowing through the vents and hours behind this screen, the burning sensation is returning.

There are some gel-like lubricating drops that I may try next, but for now, I’ll just continue to use these and finish the bottle. Perhaps it’s a cumulative effect? I certainly hope so. This dry eye is incredibly uncomfortable. But, my vision has not been affected, so there’s that. And believe me, I’m super glad it’s not worse. I just wish the burning would subside.

Bleary eyed, but grateful,

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