Day 279/365: Recharged

Ahhh, today was like a breath of fresh air! I got my shit together last night, organized a few things and set to work today. And whoa! I got so much stuff done. It was great. It felt great. It was the recharge I really needed.

I feel like things are much more manageable now that I took some time to get organized and I can see what I’m working with and still have yet to do. What I have left to do definitely seems manageable and I’m ready to dive in.

Plus, I had a great discussion with my biz partner today and we decided to take a payday from the business. It felt great. And it was well earned. We both have been working our asses off this year, and it’s time we took some of the earnings and celebrated. Besides, you’re not really in business for yourself unless you take a paycheck. That felt great.

Also, today I got the best text from a friend. I had planned to have dinner with her at her house, but she’s been sick and feeling cooped up so when she texted today, I agreed that meeting out at a nearby restaurant was fine with me instead. But the great part about the text was who was also included in the group text. It was a friend who I haven’t spoken to in years.

When our mutual friend had reached out about having dinner, she offered up inviting the friend I hadn’t talked to in years. We’ll call her Jill. I said sure, but I was thinking, “Oh, she’ll never go. We haven’t talked in years.” Now I don’t know what happened to cause Jill not to speak to me, but a recent conversation with a guy she used to date gave me a possible clue.

Her ex reached out to me a few weeks back and said that he had never told me, but that when he first started dating Jill he told her he had a crush on me. Who does that? At any rate, after the call, I put a few things together and realized why she possibly wanted to have nothing to do with me. So, I called her to tell her that I missed her, that I found out some new information that may explain why she hasn’t talked to me in forever, and that I was willing to talk with her about what happened so we could clear the air. She wasn’t available, so I left a message. And never heard from her.

Then lo and behold, she’s on the group text for dinner on Sunday. And she agreed to come out for dinner. I was thrilled and shocked at the same time. So I’m seeing her on Sunday over dinner for the first time in years. I couldn’t be more excited. I have no expectations because honestly, expectations can be a killer. I’m just glad to be able to break bread with her. That to me is sacred so I hope that it means going forward we can be close again. I really, really miss her. She’s a helluva human being.

So with those things under my belt, I feel so recharged, like I’m actually winning. Today was a good day. I mean, to keep it in perspective, every day that you have your health and can smile at some point in the day is a good day. But today was especially good.


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