Day 273/365: charitable

I hopped on Twitter today and a friend of mine was tweeting about the 12 days of love letters she was participating in where an organization More Love Letters reveals a new request for love letters over 12 days. It’s a 12-day challenge where you hand write letters and mail them out to different people as a way of spreading love.

I have terrible handwriting, but today’s request really moved me. It came from REAL School, a Richmond, Va.-based organization where at-risk middle school-aged boys are given support. These sweet souls “are dealing with challenges at home and in the community–trauma, abuse, violence–as well as mental health disorders. They and their families oftentimes lack access to effective resources and lack exposure to people outside of their communities, city, and the world around them. Research shows that these types of disconnections lead to ongoing struggles: incarceration, homelessness, a lower lifetime earning potential, chronic difficulty getting and keeping a job, living in extreme poverty, lack of health insurance, substance abuse, and chronic depression.”

There are currently six boys in the program ranging in age from 12-14 and they would love letters of encouragement, motivation, overcoming hard times and of different life experiences (cultures, cities, people). All letters can be addressed “Dear Students.”

I will definitely be writing some letters to these young men offering as much love and hope as I can. If you’re so inclined to do the same, here is the address:

Students of REAL School
℅ Elizabeth L.
12 S. Stafford Avenue Apt. A,
Richmond, VA 23220

Happy Holidays!


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