Day 272/365: Intrigued

So last night I was super frustrated with an automation tool we’re using for our courses and I needed to blow off some steam.

My outlet? YouTube. So after I watched a video that made me laugh, I remembered listening to a podcast where one of the guests mentioned a YouTube astrologer/tarot card reader.

I looked her up and watched her video on my sign, Pisces ♓. I loved her and the way she described what was coming up for me in December.

Then I noticed some other astrologer videos in the right side panel and for some reason one jumped out at me.

She was an intuitive astrologer and so I clicked the link to video.

Wow. After watching the video, I knew exactly why I clicked on it. She told me so many things about December that were already so true even though the month just started.

And there was one particular piece of info that intrigued me. She mentioned that a stranger would come into my life, a male, who would help me further my career, and possibly take it in a whole new direction.

Ordinarily this would not be something I would pay attention to, but I had a reading done in October and one in November and they both mentioned a similar male person entering my life.

Apparently, this person is my total opposite but is just what I need in terms of inspiration.

The online intuitive mentioned something about this happening in the last week of the month so I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

But I’m really curious who this figure is and how he will help me.

It’s also exciting because I feel I need to head in a new direction, but I’m not sure how to get there. Perhaps this mystery man can help.

Stay tuned …


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