Day 271/365: Changed

Today, I really didn’t care. But not in a bad way, if that’s at all possible. I don’t care what anyone thinks. My wife came home today from work and was kind enough to have done the grocery shopping. She needed help getting the bags in so she called me from the car when she got into the driveway.

I was doing my hair at the time, which meant there were sections of hair banana clipped off so I could do twists. But I told her I would come out and help anyway. So I walk out and the neighbor across the street is on the roof stringing Christmas lights. Our eyes met and he stopped what he was doing to stare. And I felt no shame or embarrassment. I simply walked to the car, head held high and proceeded to get the bags and carry them inside.

Never in a million years would I have done that. I would have put up my hood or not come out at all. But I simply just didn’t care who saw me and what they thought. And I felt changed in that moment. Like there was a noticeable shift in who I am becoming. Granted when I looked in the mirror and realized how crazy I must have looked I laughed out loud. But I have no regrets. And would do it again.

I absolutely love who I am becoming.


Image credit: Salmonsohn

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