Day 264/365: Eager

Today I felt eager. As in I am eagerly looking forward to 2018. Each year when December approaches I start wondering how different the upcoming year will be. I have such high hopes. But hopes just keep you wanting. And when you want something, it doesn’t bring it any closer to you, you just stay wanting, as in, in need of it.

So I talked with my wife about what she’d like to happen in 2018. She told me, and it was no different than any other previous year. But this time I recognized that part of our problem was not that we had goals, but that we did not plan for these goals. And as cliche as it sounds, when you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Now that’s not to say that you have to plan everything because that’s not living, and you cannot possibly plan everything anyway. But when it comes to goal setting, a key part of manifesting a goal is creating an action plan to make it happen. So we’ll need to sit down and actually make a plan for how we’re going to accomplish these goals that are still unfulfilled.

I feel like this is a much more productive and fruitful approach than just winging it and hoping for the best, year after year. We’ve seen how well that (doesn’t) work so now it’s time to do something completely different. And I feel like this time, we’ll come much closer to the mark then we’ve ever come.

You know what? Let me rephrase that. We’ll hit the mark. Period.

I am eager to start goal setting and planning for an entirely new and different future.


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