Day 262/365: Tested

Today we had a call with a course participant who we felt needed to take a step back and learn more about where she’s operating from. She likes to be the center of attention and to drum up a lot of drama—which neither my partner nor I care to encourage.

So it was a frustrating call because her energy felt so jarring. I felt tested. She made my blood run cold. And I honestly do not like her energy. And that’s rare for me. I generally have compassion for most everyone, and I do for her as well. However, she can be very difficult to work with.

It was a great challenge for me today because we can’t pick our participants. And people will challenge you for a variety of reasons. So it’s great practice for us in dealing with difficult people. And it reminds me how important my voice is. And that I am able to use it, and use it effectively, when I feel I need to. I used my voice today. And she kind of listened, but she largely had her own agenda. It was annoying, but I managed to temper it and recognize that she is in the process of becoming more self-aware so I can choose to love her where she’s at. However, I do not have to tolerate her behavior.

In today’s test, I feel like I scored high marks and hope that the next challenging individual will help me continue to grow even more.



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