Day 261/365: Freed up

So I decided to call my friend so that we could discuss what had transpired over the years. She was not available and so I left her a message. In it, I essentially said that I’d like to talk with her about why we haven’t spoken in so long. I also made it clear that if she never wanted to talk with or hear from me again, that was okay too.

And when I hung up, I felt great! I didn’t check the phone intermittently later and I actually even forgot that I made the call until I was recounting my day to my wife. I felt sooo freed up. Like I literally felt space being created in my body, if that makes sense. Because I had absolutely no attachment to the outcome.

It also filled me with a desire to clear up some other relationships. The other three will be a bit more difficult, but when I do them, I know, on a soul level that I will feel—and be—freed up in a way that I have yet to experience.

It takes work to move beyond your story and really own your shit. But it’s work I’m willing to tackle if it means that I gain new space in my life for better things to come. Onward!


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