Day 259/365: Relieved

So today my wife and I got word that her sister is okay. A week or so ago, she called us because she had swelling in both her ankles and feet. She was given a diuretic by her physician, but it wasn’t working and she wanted to know if we had ever experienced anything like this.

We told her no, but that it was a clear sign of an infection in her body. Since she began to grow worried and more uncomfortable with the swelling, I offered to do a distance healing. And while I was sending some healing to her, I told her I would take a look around the energy in her body and see if I could see what was going on.

Well, when I got in, I immediately went to her legs to provide her some relief. And after that I took a look around and checked on her heart and lungs. Both looked relatively fine, but then I got an image of the lymphatic system and that it was blocked or not working properly.

So after the healing, I told her what I found and thought she was experiencing lymphedema due to some infection in the body and she needed to call her doctor.

So she did, had some tests run, including a PET scan, and her primary care doctor told her that the mass in her lung she developed after a recent bout of pneumonia was cancerous.

Now allow me to explain how medical intuition works. Any time cancer is in the body, it becomes immediately apparent to the intuitive. It does not look like anything else and you know what it is. So when I was exploring her energy, nowhere did I see any signs of cancer, only a problem with her lymphatic system.

When a doctor tells you you have cancer, you pretty much freak out—and understandably so. But when she told us of the diagnosis, my wife and I were perplexed. I was thinking, “Did I miss something? Cancer is so clear and I did not see any sign of it.” And I just felt in my soul that this diagnosis was wrong. I didn’t tell her that, but I just held tight to the belief that infection was the problem and not cancer.

Fast forward to today. When we received a call that she did not in fact have cancer. The mass was reviewed by two different doctors who recognized that it was in fact shrinking in size, not growing. And cancer does not shrink without treatment. What she had was a fungal infection called Valley Fever. It’s common to Arizona, and after doctor number 2 asked her about travel, they put two and two together and recognized that her trip over a month ago to Arizona was probably the culprit. Doctor number 3 concurred, especially after putting the X-rays side by side and noticing the mass was smaller later on.

Phew! Huge sigh of relief for her and the rest of the family, but I was also relieved to know that medical intuition is as good as I know it to be. That it’s reliable and that energy doesn’t lie. I felt relieved on so many levels. And one key reason is that it confirmed that I am meant to be doing this work, in this way.

Ideally, I’d love to be able to work with doctors and their patients who have serious illnesses or chronic diseases because medical intuition can help you get to the root of your disease vs. just addressing the symptoms. Medical intuitives don’t diagnose, but we don’t need to. Again, energy never lies.

I cannot wait to continue this work out in the world, preferably working alongside physicians to help patients really get to the heart of their health and take control of it. Once I’m able to do this, I will feel even more relieved that I am finally serving how I am meant to serve.


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