Day 257/365: Challenged

It’s hard when you come face to face with yourself. You tend to want to look away and not really deal with what’s staring back at you. In doing this online course with this amazing group of women who we’re co-facilitating for, we too, are learning as well. And I feel like I have so much work to do.

It’s that feeling when you thought you were doing the work, but what you’re really doing is spiritual bypassing, where you drown yourself in all this shit that just busies you so you don’t have to really deal with you. I’ve stopped doing that a while ago. I gave up the books and webinars in favor of doing this blog. But now I’m diving deep into my story and seeing where and how it plays out in my life. And I’m also exploring the meaning/interpretation I give to it vs. just identifying the facts. And I feel challenged.

This is hard, messy work. But if I can get through it, when I get through it, I am confident that I will learn how to live with much more peace and far more grace than I ever imagined. I’m just scratching the surface right now, but I’m eager (and a bit nervous) at the thought of diving even deeper into the layers so I can heal junk I’ve been lugging around for years that’s just dead weight.

This is a weight loss plan I can truly get next to.


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