Day 249/365: (In)Authentic?

So um, I’m co-facilitating a workshop that helps women get in touch with their Divine Feminine, which also speaks to authenticity, right? Showing up as your real, true self. But what is authenticity, really?

I used to believe that it meant being the same you in all situations, which is possible and impossible all at the same time. You will always be you in any and all situations. But you cannot possibly be “the same” you in all situations. We have far too many selves. The self you are with your lover, the self you are with your mother, the self you are with your friends, the self you are with your co-workers. These are all you, but they may not be one and the same, at all times, in all situations.

So what does it mean then to be authentic? It has nothing to do with external factors. In other words, it’s not about how someone else perceives you. It’s alll about how you perceive you. And when you’re not looking to get something from someone outside of you, you’re not looking for someone else to validate you. That’s when you begin to stand in your own power. Because you begin to define what authenticity is—for you. You see, I can’t define it for you, because your authenticity does not belong to me. It’s yours to put forth. In any moment. Any way you choose.

We are so eager to seek others’ approval and get them to define what our own authenticity is that we look past ourselves to find it. When it’s been inside of us all along.



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