Day 238/365: Cautious

There is a a very thin line between power and force. Often times the two are at odds with one another and many times we think we’re exerting one, when we’re really exerting another. My co-facilitator and I have very different ways of approaching how we support our students, but our goal is the same, which works well as a sort of yin and yang approach. But sometimes the approaches clash and it’s not so nice.

Her style tends to be on the forceful side, which can work with well some people, but not with others. Force, in my mind, creates resistance, whereas power fosters empowerment and growth. I want us to be careful that we are not forcing our students into a place they are not yet ready to go or grow. You have to be open to receiving as well. And if you’re not, you tend to deflect because you don’t yet have the capacity to be open to what someone is telling you.

I have to be careful not to decide for someone how she will receive info and my co-facilitator must be careful not to force someone to receive something she’s not ready to.

As much as this is a learning experience for our participants, it’s a learning experience for us. So I feel the need to be cautious so we don’t alienate anyone and to ensure that each person gets the most of the course that she possibly can.

This can be tricky when both co-facilitators are on a similar path, but they have two styles and are at two stages of evolution, none greater than the other, just different. I’m learning how to balance our styles, but I’m learning that it requires a degree of care and caution I don’t know that I anticipated. I’m eager to learn how to adjust to it all the same. We came here to have an experience, and I am certainly no exception.


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