Day 267/365: Sapped

Whoa. I didn't know how draining it can be to come face to face with your fears. I feel emotionally sapped. And I have a migraine hangover. But I still feel great! It's amazing how much the body can hold onto. We are not taught to really remove trauma from the body only manage the... Continue Reading →

Day 266/365: Amazing!

I feel absolutely AMAZING! Like incredible! The past 24 hours have been wild. So I decided that I needed to let the person who molested me know that I knew what he did to me. So I Friended him on Facebook and then wrote a Messenger note to him letting him know that I know,... Continue Reading →

Day 265/365: Toxic

So my eczema has been flaring up. Terribly. So I know something emotionally in me is needing attention. And when I looked up spiritual meanings behind eczema, I found this: Itching for a fight. Essentially, it means you're angry about something. I don't consciously feel anger about anything, but when I asked my wife if... Continue Reading →

Day 264/365: Eager

Today I felt eager. As in I am eagerly looking forward to 2018. Each year when December approaches I start wondering how different the upcoming year will be. I have such high hopes. But hopes just keep you wanting. And when you want something, it doesn't bring it any closer to you, you just stay... Continue Reading →

Day 263/365: Reluctant

I feel reluctant to post today. Probably because I can't quite get my feelings together. So I've decided to write about a song that I've had on repeat on Spotify. It's by SZA, and it's called Supermodel. In it she sings about how if her lover could see her as beautiful then she could also... Continue Reading →

Day 262/365: Tested

Today we had a call with a course participant who we felt needed to take a step back and learn more about where she's operating from. She likes to be the center of attention and to drum up a lot of drama—which neither my partner nor I care to encourage. So it was a frustrating... Continue Reading →

Day 261/365: Freed up

So I decided to call my friend so that we could discuss what had transpired over the years. She was not available and so I left her a message. In it, I essentially said that I'd like to talk with her about why we haven't spoken in so long. I also made it clear that if... Continue Reading →

Day 259/365: Relieved

So today my wife and I got word that her sister is okay. A week or so ago, she called us because she had swelling in both her ankles and feet. She was given a diuretic by her physician, but it wasn't working and she wanted to know if we had ever experienced anything like... Continue Reading →

Day 258/365: Ambivalent

What a strange day. A friend who I haven't spoken with in years reached out to me randomly the other day. And I talked to him today. It was great to hear from him. But I'm feeling ambivalent about the conversation. He told me that when we first met, he had a crush on me.... Continue Reading →

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