Day 231/365: Well-Balanced

Today was a productive day: I washed my hair, made a grocery list, worked on my upcoming online course and had a nice dinner with the Mrs. All in all it was a good day. And what made it so good was that I felt well-balanced because I managed to get the things I needed to get done, done as well as having a bit of fun too. It was a good mix, and I didn’t really get stressed about what I had to do and how I was going to get it done; it just sort of flowed.

I love days like these. Days when you can keep most things in perspective and you just sort of roll along smoothly with no real hiccups. It has me wondering if days like this are a fluke or if it’s a matter of your mindset. I mean, I knew what I had to do, which is true most days, but I did it, without any wringing of hands and stress or concern over what might not possibly get done.

Sure there were some other things that I could have done, but I recognized that I did, in fact, make progress with what I did get done, and that was good enough for me. Maybe it’s a byproduct of having attended the retreat and spending some good time away from this space.

I’d like to think I’m able to have more days like this, but I’m still unsure of the ingredients that are required to produce this magical recipe. I’m sure it largely has to do with me and how I respond so I’ll just consider that as I start each day and try not to put too much pressure and expectations on myself. From there, I’ll just go where the day takes me—and enjoy.



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