Day 228/365: Exasperated

So today we traveled home in torrential downpour. My heroic wife drove for three hours straight in this madness and then we stopped at a hotel to get some rest before completing the trip tomorrow.

I watched as the patience from my wife began to dwindle because her mother was driving her nuts from the back seat. She and I are a team, especially on road trips. So we have a special code, an understanding of roles and expectations. It’s effortless. Not the case with our back seat passenger. The only reason we were driving back is because her mom does not fly but my wife felt strongly that she wanted her mom to experience this trip. So she generously agreed to drive her down and back, 13 hours each way. God bless her sweet, sweet soul.

So as I sat doing my co-pilot duties, I felt exasperated for her trying to manage the driving and her mother at the same time. We finally made it to the hotel, thanks to her adept driving skills. But I also felt exasperated because I had to finish one project that should have been completed earlier in the week, but the project manager did not give me full instructions. So when I circled back with her midweek, I had a practically new project that I knew would take me some time to complete. Grrrrr.

I tried as best I could to get some of the work done while we were driving. But the Internet was sketchy and my laptop was dying and there were just too many components that I needed to resolve and it just wasn’t going to get done. And I wanted desperately to be done—with this and the week. The week of the retreat was long, and I just wanted to decompress, but instead, I was having to tackle this last project. I finally threw in the towel at my wife’s suggestion and decided to work on the project while traveling the next day.

Hopefully, I can channel this exasperation into productivity tomorrow. G’night.


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