Day 226/365: Free ‘n’ Easy

Yesterday our retreat attendees worked through their personal stories and limiting beliefs. It was cathartic for them, for sure, but also emotionally exhausting. So today we headed into New Orleans to have some fun.

The attendees spent the day on a scavenger hunt, and my co-captain and I along with our better halves headed to Cafe du Monde to indulge in some beignets. It was packed, but it’s always packed, and this place operates 24/7 365 days a year. We found a small table and ordered.

And next to our table was a huge Afro Latinx man whose energy I immediately loved. His spirit felt kind and extremely warm. And sure enough, he was all of those things.

We made fast friends with this guy and our table bantered back and forth with his. We even wound up on his IG account. So I commented on this photo and he commented back. And so now we’re IG buddies. Maybe that’s why they call this place The Big Easy.

Afterward, we walked around the French Quarter checking out the works of artists who had their work on display and enjoying the sights and incredible sounds. It felt nice to take a break from all the emotional work being done and just walk around in a strange city and soak it all up. I felt fee and easy and I thoroughly enjoyed being in a different city for a change.

I’ve been to New Orleans before, but this time felt different. I’m not in a hurry to go back, but it was nice to visit for sure.


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