Day 224/365: Ready

Yesterday when I landed, I was feeling ready to have a conversation with my co-facilitator about the upcoming retreat. What I was not feeling ready about was the retreat itself. I was unsure of what role I would play and how I could fulfill that role.

To be honest, this retreat was not my idea nor was it something that interested me, but I felt that the participants would definitely get something out of it. So when I got into the car, I shared some of my concerns about the retreat and asked if we could do run-through. My co-captain listened and happily obliged.

Then, out of nowhere, the emails from work started pouring in. And I had projects with tight deadlines suddenly due. I was not ready for this either. And the afternoon that I was supposed to spend prepping for the retreat was spent trying to get decent cell reception, working on projects and making phone calls. It was a terrible start to the retreat. And to top it all off, I was working off of 1.5 hours of sleep.

Most everything got done, even a bit of prep for the retreat, but I was exhausted and what was supposed to be a relaxing start to the retreat was downright stressful.

My hope is that the following days will be better and I will begin to feel more ready. And hopefully my attitude will fall in line along with it.


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