Day 211/365: Disconnected

I’m going to come clean about something. (Ahem.) I would like to be great. There, I said it. But not just great for the sake of being great, but great in such a way that I’m able to serve in a specific way that only I can. I would like to be great in a way that moves people. That encourages them to take action in their lives. To feel alive. To feel connected to themselves and to something greater than themselves.

I once learned that genius is out there for anyone to grab. You just have to synch up with it. Like there are a million amazing, brilliant ideas just out there floating in the Universe, and you can link up with any one of them. But it’s making the connection that feels like the hardest part.

There’s a strong desire in me to create something that serves the world in a unique way. That opens people’s hearts to themselves and to each other. I’d like to make connections. I’d like to connect with people. So I’ve been searching for that one idea. The one that’s mine; that’s meant for me, specifically to deliver it.

You’re supposed to envision things to bring them forth, but you can’t visualize something you don’t even know yet. Or can you?  I always look to courses or classwork as a possible way to generate an idea, but I know it has to begin with me—and within me. The germination, the cultivation, the harvesting, what it looks like, the shape it takes all starts with me. I just have to get connected, so I can connect with others and then they can connect with themselves. That feels like where I need to be. And I’ll get there. It just takes a spark to light the connection.


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