Day 209/365: Internalizing

I discussed the office situation of my client in yesterday’s post, but what I didn’t share was that I came home with a migraine. An epic one. I mean they’re all pretty terrible, but this one was excruciating. I attributed it to hormone levels changing, but my wife, who’s oh so wise, recognized that going back into that office atmosphere and the travel associated with it (3 hours round trip), was a lot. And I absorb much more than I realize. In fact, today, I didn’t have to go in and I was so relieved, but I feel absolutely exhausted. Like I’ve been hit by a MAC truck. And I have to go back tomorrow so I’m trying to figure out the best way to properly prepare so that I don’t come home feeling the same way.

So here’s what I’ve done. My lunch is prepared; I’m about to shut down and pack my laptop in my backpack,; I have breakfast prepared and I need to figure out the wardrobe, which I will do shortly. Lastly, I will delight in the fact that this is not my regular 9 to 5 and that I can leave the office politics right where they are and head home. I will work on internalizing nothing. Ha! That was funny. Luckily, I can stream Spotify on the way home to help decompress what I have so cleverly not internalized. I wish there was some sort of spray I could use once I left the building to remove all the emotional toxicity from places. Eureka! Have I stumbled onto something?!? Wait, is that even possible? … Moving on …

Well, I suppose tomorrow will be the true test. Wish me luck.



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