Day 206-207/365: Conscious

I had no motivation to do a post yesterday so I’m doubling up today.

So I recently took the Enneagram personality test and discovered I am a 5w4 with INFJ, which got me thinking, as 5w4 INFJs tend to do.

I realize that although I pay attention to details, many that others miss, I also get mired in them sometimes.

Here’s a perfect example: My wife and I were having a discussion and in the midst of it she threw out a small detail and then continued on. Well, when I responded, without even realizing it, I responded to only that detail, which erupted into an argument. She thought I was discounting her whole statement, but my point of contention was that one detail.

Who does that? Well, obviously I do. But what’s so great is that I didn’t have to be told what was happening. I recognized it in myself! What a great feeling to be mindful of your behavior. Because once you spot it, you can work on fixing it.

And I love to improve. So I’m hoping that these 5w4 traits (or any traits that are less than desirable) that can sometimes seem so weighty can be modified and improved upon. It feels good and empowering, albeit humbling. But I’ll happily eat some humble pie if it helps me grow.


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