Day 237/365: Pumped

When your inbox gets flooded with people interested in taking a course you haven't even created yet (but will shortly) it's a great day. It's exciting because of what it means: People are excited and ready to start taking their health in their own hands vs. giving it—and their power—up to someone who can't possibly... Continue Reading →


Day 236/365: Joyous

So tonight was our first video call for the online intensive we're co-facilitating and it was such a wonderful experience. We ended up with a total of 8 women, two joining just today. It's so interesting that this small group of women who don't know each other have so much in common. For one, they... Continue Reading →

Day 234-235/365: Ready, Willing & Able

So I've spent the past few day putting the final touches on our online intensive course for women that's launching tomorrow. After switching platforms, having to move content, having an test error occur and reviewing all course material, I feel like we're ready. Of all the offerings we've created, this is the one I feel... Continue Reading →

Day 232/365: Invested

After spending a great part of last night and today working on our online intensive course, I finally feel invested in this business. I know I go back and forth, and that's probably because there are parts of it that I feel totally connected to, and therefore invested, while there are other parts that I... Continue Reading →

Day 231/365: Well-Balanced

Today was a productive day: I washed my hair, made a grocery list, worked on my upcoming online course and had a nice dinner with the Mrs. All in all it was a good day. And what made it so good was that I felt well-balanced because I managed to get the things I needed... Continue Reading →

Day 228/365: Exasperated

So today we traveled home in torrential downpour. My heroic wife drove for three hours straight in this madness and then we stopped at a hotel to get some rest before completing the trip tomorrow. I watched as the patience from my wife began to dwindle because her mother was driving her nuts from the... Continue Reading →

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