Day 205/365: 5w4

I feel like of late this blog has been sooo self-indulgent. I mean, I know that’s kind of part of hte exercise, but in moderation, right? I feel like I’m getting stuck again and I couldn’t quite figure out why—until today. I’ve written about being an INFJ before, but I did a bit of digging around and discovered the Enneagram personality test and discovered a new dimension to my personality.

After taking the test, I found that I am a 5w4, meaning type 5 wing 4. And it suits me to a T: detached from emotions, a strong need for privacy, lover of knowledge. The “wing” refers to an adjacent personality type of 4 and affects how the 5 shows up in the world. And most interestingly, INFJs are often 5w4s.

I feel like the Enneagram results really put a fine point on my personality and help explain why I’m so reticent to step out in front in terms of this business partnership. I felt like I just wasn’t stepping up, but I feel like it has more to do with my personality. Granted, this could easily be an excuse, but if I know what I have to overcome, then I can make a conscious effort to work on it.

As the saying goes, “Once you know better, you do better.” So I’m grateful for the knowledge. Now I have to learn how to move beyond these hurdles so I can start to show up as the real me. Onward!


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