Day 201/365: Authenticated

A dear friend of mine from high school reached out to ask me to blog about authenticity. I ended up writing it and submitting it and kind of forgot about it—until today when I received a Facebook notification that said I was mentioned in a comment. Lo and behold the post was published and live on the site and she had shared it along with a few kind words.

It felt really good and I was so honored and humbled that she had asked. I feel that everyone has a story, mine’s not particularly special, but it was nice to take some time to dive into the process of working on becoming my true self. And as I always say, we are constantly evolving and becoming so it was fun to take a step back—and a look back—on the journey up to this point.

I also realized that I have more than one story that contributes to my authenticity. We are all made up of so many pieces that make up our whole. It makes me wonder if any are more poignant or more important than another. But I don’t think so since they all seem to work to contribute to the whole. It’s just a matter of extracting the right ones at the right moments. None has more weight over another; each piece has unique value that makes us up. I look forward to exploring more of my stories and sharing them.



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