Day 195/365: Energized

My brother called me this morning to thank me for turning him onto a YouTuber (Shameless Maya) who had videos that helped him with a project he’s working on. And we went on to talk for more than an hour about all kinds of things. I even sought out his advice about how to move forward on my path. He’s an intuitive coach, however, it never occurred to me to really seek out his counsel. It was great! I feel pumped! And the best part is, he asked about my book. He even apologized for glossing over it when I mentioned it to him in the first place. It was affirming and felt so nice to hear him acknowledge this.

I also completed my first homework assignment for the storytelling bootcamp I working on. And as I was writing I came to some new answers about my why. Good stuff. The prompts for each day are really thought-provoking and are helpful in getting some perspective on my story and the art of storytelling overall.

As I begin work on the second assignment, I’m excited to complete it and learn about what’s in store for assignment No. 3. This exercise feels really good and has me feeling like I’m getting closer each day to figuring out where I belong on this path I’m headed down.

Let’s just hope I can keep the momentum going.


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