Day 187/365: Enlightened

A friend of mine asked me watch the movie What The Health a while ago. And I did. Afterward, I didn’t quite know how to feel. It had some key points, but there was a whole helluva a lot of fear-mongering. Like a lot. Now I don’t want to discourage people from watching the film because I feel like it’s important for people to arrive at their own conclusions about what’s best for them vs. what I believe. But I would advise a healthy dose of caution when watching, and in terms of the info presented, it may be best to do some research of your own on the topic.

One of my faves, a YouTuber by the name of Evelyn From the Internets, breaks down the movie in a fair way, and even has some insights that I never really thought of so I thought I’d share her take on it.

Note: This was not done on Evelyn’s personal channel. It’s done on the Naturally Curly channel, which she works for so the review is done inside the context of her doing her hair. For the uninitiated, when a curly-haired girl washes her hair and then goes on about her day, it’s called a wash n’ go. But this segment is called Watch & Go so we see Naturally Curly staffers reviewing shows while they do their wash n’ gos.

Enjoy. But as always, do your own research so you can find what feels like truth for you.


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